April 23, 2014

Random thoughts

How about some random Ashley thoughts?  Just before I pulled into work the other day I realized I drove the entire 20 something miles in silence.  No radio or anything.  It wasn't the first time that happened and I know it won't be the last.  Just me and my random constant stream of thoughts... 

i cant believe kiera wore socks and mary janes with her capri leggings.  she even told me  she didn't care so I might as well get used to disliking her fashion choices now.  who knows what her style will be as a teenager.
she is going to have so much fun on her field trip today.  it was pretty cute when she told me I had to go this morning and to call my office about it. would she have even sat by me?  good thing that even if she didn't want me to I would be ok with that. 
dang sunlight is blinding me. 

  come on truck! we cannot be trying to merge onto the highway going 25 miles an hour when the speed limit is 70!
i am pretty excited about my free tiling class in the morning. i think i need to get starbucks before i go.  ooh or I could stop by rocket brothers since I have a dollar off coupon and it is on the way.  tomorrow would be a great day to rip the tile out of the kitchen and prime the walls since Kiera will be with Mimi and Pappy until Sunday. maybe i can even paint it too!
I need to remember to tell jimmy i am going to okc on monday.
Ooh I have to call my doctor now while i am thinking about it and set up my July appointment.
there's a cop with someone pulled over. set the cruise control now ashley.
apparently some of these cars cant maintain a constant speed. they go up a hill and slow down, they go down the hill and speed up.
I really want to eat cheddar's monte cristo.  why did bennigans have to go out of business.  theirs was the best.
i wonder when we will go camping again. probably next weekend if it is nice.
hello truck flying and weaving throuh traffic. 
its funny how competitive parents can be with how smart their kids are.  what about the parents that have children with disabilities that will never function at that level.  i am glad i am able to know what each of those parents feel.  not that i am either one, but i know both. 
I never though i would work for a company that helps people with physical and mental disabilities. i am so glad i am there now.  it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
  it is kind of odd that there is a light lovely feeling in your chest when you are happy. wonder what causes that.  there has to be something really going on in there that no one can explain.  kind of like a cat's purr.  you know its there but what causes it?
wow i have just driven the entire way to work without the radio on.
On a side note, my thoughts were pretty easy going that morning.  some days they can get pretty dark and i end up crying by time i get to work and some days pretty ugly words are flying out of my mouth at other drivers (good thing i am in the car alone).  those mornings are pretty rough. and some days I dance and sing to the music like no one is watching, but they probably are.

April 16, 2014

Girl in Grass

Just some pictures that I took of our girl last weekend.


April 15, 2014

Thirty Four

Today I turn 34.  Totally weird.  Just yesterday I was driving home from work and Flood by Jars of Clay came on the 90's station.  It came out in 1995...19 years ago.  Really?  I had to do the math a couple times because 1995 just couldn't have been 19 years ago.  It just blew my mind because I remember being 15 like it was yesterday.  
Having my first real kiss (for the record it was horrible and my poor brother witnessed it)
Learning how to drive a car
Joining the swim team
Learning that my body was just fine the way it was (seeing 15 other girls naked everyday shows you everyone is shaped differently)
Losing my best friend to other girls.
Getting a tooth knocked loose by a little brother that wasn't so little (short) any more.
Not realizing that in 4 short years I would meet my husband and father of my child.
Since then I have learned...
Kissing isn't always a bad thing
I don't really like driving.  I take that back, driving is not bad, it's the traffic and other drivers.
Everyone has different body shapes and no one cares what your size or weight is after the age of 18.
That being a teenager sucks.
Being an adult isn't always fun but I would never EVER be a teenager again.  NEVER.
There is nothing wrong with being a goody two shoes.
 That a tooth knocked loose will eventually need a root canal, many years later.
My parents did know what they were talking about.
All those other boys you cried over, totally not worth the tears.
I have learned a lot more than that but you get the gist.  Each day I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin.  I am finding my voice and I am not always so afraid to speak my mind, yet there are still plenty of times I don't.  I am not as shy as I used to be I still can be in the right situation.  Yeah I am the one standing in the corner not talking to anyone unless you talk to me first.  I am still hard headed and have a problem with putting dishes straight into the dishwasher instead of setting them on the counter or in the sink.  But I am one happy girl.  Lady? Woman?  No, I will stick with girl.
 Woo hoo 34!!!  Let's celebrate by looking at some pictures I took of pretty little flowers, ahem weeds.  I am choosing to look at them as beautiful little tiny itty bitty flowers, because that is exactly what they are.


April 7, 2014

2014 First Camp

A couple weeks ago we had our first camp of the year.  As I was cooking breakfast the first morning I look through the window I see this.  I love this picture. 

Later on after breakfast they are cuddling together and I love how Kiera has her leg draped over Jimmy.  I don't know what their conversation was about but I know there was a lot of love and giggles.  

After they had enough of that Kiera wanted to take some pictures with my camera.
I would say she did quite well.
Of course I get my fair share of cuddles and love too.  If I sit down for 10 seconds there will always be a child, cat or dog on me at any given time and there are many times I have all three.  It is a pretty awesome feeling. 
After love time was over we all went down to this little hidden waterfall near the campsite.  It has probably been at least 10 years since I have been down to see this waterfall.  I have asked about going down there many times but the trail to get there has been so grown over.  We could hear it from our camper since the water was flowing from the recent rains.  

 I had Kiera attempt to take a picture of me but it didn't turn out so well.  I always forget to switch my camera to auto instead of manual. 

Another miniature waterfall down stream from the big one.  She wanted to follow the stream but it was too difficult to get down there. 

I have a thing about always looking down at the ground when I am walking.  I love the colors and textures of moss and tree trunks, mushrooms and ferns.  Just looking at all of these pictures a couple weeks later completely relaxes me. 

 Dada ended up feeling not so well that weekend so Kiera and I hung out by ourselves quite a bit.  We went down to the park for a while and then went to check out the river.  These are the only times that there is nothing keeping us from taking things slow and just relaxing and playing.  No tv, no housework, nothing.  It is quite wonderful.

That's my arm she is clinging on to.  This happens daily. 



March 12, 2014

Wood and rifles

The last few nice weekends we have had in our neck of the woods we decided to head up to the property for the day to split the wood from the trees we cut down a few weeks ago.  Well Jimmy cut down the trees and once he cut up the trucks I stacked them.  Then I would put the logs up on top of another so he could split them.  Then I would rearrange them and then stack the split pieces in a pile. 

I was just moving it so he could split it some more. 

Then we had to load it into the back of his dad's truck to move it to the back side of the building.  Talk about a good work out!  We  just finished up the last couple piles on Sunday and now we just have a couple brush piles that we will burn when we aren't under a burn ban. 

Kiera was running around doing who knows what.  She was out of our way so that was all that mattered.  We also had music playing in the truck while we worked and there was quite a bit of dancing between all 3 of us too. 

We were totally responsible while drinking beer and splitting wood...
...And shooting guns.  A coworker of Jimmy's gave me this rifle.  It is old and needed a good cleaning which I learned how to do.  Like completely break the gun down and clean all of it.  I also stripped the varnish, sanded it down, stained and sealed it.  I made him a batch of my home made banana nut muffins as a thank you.   
Jimmy's dad has a similar one which he is holding and is what mine looked like before I refinished it.  Jimmy has mine in the picture below (we were shooting at our empty beer cans hanging from tree limbs).  Sunday we took the zombie face targets I grabbed at Wal mart out there and practiced shooting at those!  I was thisclose to getting a bulls eye!  

We are pretty eager to start camping and the property is definitely ready for campers now!  A week and a half and we will be out there for the first time this year.  Woo woo!

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