October 23, 2014

Katy Perry

On October 6th I took Kiera to see Katy Perry and her concert was ah-mazing.  Now this was my first concert to see at a big venue (BOK Center in downtown Tulsa) so I had no idea what to expect.  Shoot, the last concert I actually went to see was Gavin DeGraw at Cain's 10 years ago.
When we first got inside we went to check out the concert gear you could buy.  Uh $40 for a t-shirt?  No thank you.  Kiera brought her own money and bought a bracelet and some buttons.  After that we went a walking around the massive BOK center and found us some food to eat.  Chicken finger basket, yum. 
Some crazy fans errbody had to have their picture taken with.
The first act up was a guy called Ferras and I really liked his music though I had never heard of him before.  Kiera wasn't too thrilled with the loud music and kept asking when Katy was coming out.  There were a few tears but I helped get rid of those with some silly comments about Ferras' dreads.  Then came Tegan and who I have heard their music before!  Kiera sill wasn't enjoying herself too much until they started to sing Everything is Awesome from the Lego Movie and she perked right up after that. 
(these next 3 pictures are borrowed from other people that were in the pit at the concert, not in the nosebleeds like us)

The first few songs that she sang I knew all the words to (along with a lot of her other songs) so I was singing along at the top of my lungs.  I ended up choking a bit since my vocal cords were taking some abuse but I got them nice and warmed up for the rest of the concert.  Kiera was able to sing along to a few of them also.  And let me tell you my girl can scream.  I have never heard her let loose like that and it made me laugh every time. 

These days everyone uses phones to sway around instead of lighters.  I was doing it wrong according to a certain 7 year old. 

Kiera was dancing at this point but I don't remember to which song.  I on the other hand do not like to dance publically (even though I did when I was younger and I still dance in my car every day) but I was out of my seat busting some moves. 


During one short break there were these cats in different scenarios playing (this one got its hair did, another was at a massage parlor, etc.) on the screen and they were freaking hilarious.  Of course this was Kiera's favorite part of the whole entire concert.  


Now I just need to someone to send me to see Justin Timberlake in OKC in December! 

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