October 13, 2014

Lake Oolagah

There is a lake just north of our house that takes about 15 minutes to get to and we have camped there a few times over the past 8 years.  It's nice that is it s so to our house if we need to go grab something that we forgot to bring or to check on Lilly.  We actually went up on Thursday night so we could grab a decent camp spot even though we had to work on Friday and I had took Kiera to the bus stop.  I could definitely wake up to a lake view every single day.   And the sunsets aren't a terrible sight either.  

I decided to bring Kiera's bike so she could practice riding it since she never got the hang of riding it without the training wheels when we took them off months ago. She wiped out at one point and got a little banged up but got right back up and tried again.  She finally got the hang of it and was super excited.  Looks like someone will be getting a new bike for Christmas since she has had this tiny one for 4 years!!

Electronics while camping.  Ugh.  As much as I think it is stupid to bring my laptop with us, it is nice at times.  Jimmy's phone is also a hot spot so we get internet too.  Like I have said before Jimmy and I have had our fair share of camping with no electricity, running water (unless you count water collected from a spring) or plumbing, so I really don't feel bad about it at all. 

Sail boat races were uh slow.  It wasn't terribly windy but just enough for the boats to move.  We only watched them for a couple minutes and then went on a hike. 

The last time Jimmy and I walked this trail it was Fathers Day in 2007 and there was a baby girl in my belly.  I was having some major sinus issues over the weekend and couldn't breath so I was slightly miserable.  I still did it anyway. 

The leaf was as big as her head. 
Her sketch pad or notebook is a requirement for all camping trips, per her request.
This breakfast is by far our favorite at camp.  First I fry up some bacon (or sausage), then I hard fry an egg (breaking the yolk on purpose).  I toast the bread with some of the bacon grease. Slap that hot egg on the cheese and add the meat and salt and pepper.  Oh em geeeee! Clogged arteries on a plate. 
Eating a meal on a crisp morning by the fire is just...I don't even have the words for it.  I wasn't ready for summer to end just yet but now I am ready for campfires, comfy pj's, fuzzy blankets, cool air, fall leave, hot drinks, chili and stew. 

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