October 29, 2014

A little random

I need a place to vent this to and this is a safe place for what I am about to say.  Every.single.day for the past year I have been parking in the exact same spot at work.  Then someone new comes in a starts parking in my spot.  First off they were parking somewhere else and then a week in moved on over to my spot.  Now we don't have assigned spots but everyone in the office knows where everyone parks and you just stay out of that spot. Is this a petty and stupid thing to be upset over, of course it is.  Is there some slight animosity towards that undeserving person?  Unfortunately yes.  Do I park in MY spot when it is open, you bet I do! 
And just last week there were a few people (not at work) that I would have loved to do this to, but I love my car and I am truly not a mean person.  Everyone has had these moments. 

Any who on to happy things!  I finally tried out the beachy wave look on my hair and I loooove it!  I am so thankful that my super straight hair will actually curl and hold it.  Now I can actually do something with it! 

The earth and sun have been kind and produced some beautiful scenery in the skies.  I mean just look at this sunrise and sunset! 

Kiera requested ponytails all over her head for crazy hair day at school.  Apparently the name they though up was octopus head or something like that since she actually had 8 pony tails.  She said she won for craziest hair but I am not sure if that is entirely true. 

Our vampire pumpkin with a mustache designed by not me.  I got in trouble for not adding the nose.  I can only do so much with a knife before I lose a finger! 

The late afternoon light that pours in to our dining area makes me happy every time I see it.   And one of these days I will share pictures of our kitchen redo. 
Jimmy is growing a beard per my request. Well as much a s he can since he isn't hairy at all.  I think this was a week ago after 2 weeks of growing it out.   He has some white hair on his chin and it is hawt.  He also has a little throughout his head and I am liking that too. 
But he will never ever ever be able to get to the level of beard that my brother has.  3 months in the making this one has. 

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