February 4, 2015

Mouse Valentine's

Well hello there!  Long time no see?  I have been super busy with all sorts of busy things called life.  Since my last post I was able to cross a couple things off of my non existent bucket list and it.was.awesome.   But I am not here for that today, I am here to share this years Valentine's that Kiera and I made for her class.  I think these were the easiest valentine's I have made thus far but that is probably due to the fact that Kiera was actually a big help with it this year.  Twas a lovely Saturday night crafting together.  Apparently I really needed to do some crafting and it wasn't until we started that I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. 
So after some looking around on Pinterest Kiera decided that she wanted mouse valentine's.  We came across this picture for inspiration and then Kiera and I discussed what she wanted to change about it and what colors she wanted to use. 
DSC_0039 - Copy
We already had everything on hand at home but the card stock and felt hearts.  What you will need...
Pipe cleaners (cut in half)
Googly eyes
Felt Hearts
12 x 12 Cardstock
Hot glue 
Fruit snacks (or candy if you must)
First I folded the 12x12 sheets of cardstock in to fourths and then cut them out.

Then I folded each fourth in half and drew a half heart shape with pencil and cut it out.  Make sure you cut out the side that does not have the seam on it.  I used that first half heart shape to trace on all of the rest of the papers so that afterwards I could just go to town cutting out the shapes. 
Once you have all of your mouse bodies cut out you can used the edges to make the mouse ears.  Now if you have a circular paper punch thingys that would be awesome and fast to use, however I don't have one so they were all cut by hand.  You will also want to do this with a light pink card stock for the center of the ears. 

 As I was finishing up cutting out the mouse bodies Kiera was drawing noses and whiskers on the mice that I had already cut out and also gluing the ears together.  Man it was awesome having her help. 
 As she was finishing up the ears and faces I was gluing the tails, googly eyes and ears on the ones that were ready. 

I glued from the nose half way up the body so I could create a pocket to put the fruit snack in.  I just can't bring myself to send candy for valentine's because there is already so much of it.  I am not anti candy (hello sugar lover) I am just trying to lessen the amount.  
Then you glue around the the rest of it, slap on a heart and voila!  We had a few pop back open behind the ears but I just put a dab of glue there and sealed it back up.  We actually still need to glue the little "Hope you have a "MICE" Valentine's Day!" tag behind the heart and then they will be done done.  On the back I wrote "To" and "From" and Kiera filled in "You" and her name. 
 We also have to make a shoe box for her to receive the valentine's from her classmates only I have no idea what she want to make.  It will be interesting for sure. 

And here are the Valentine's I have made in the past...

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