January 27, 2014

Ninja valentines

One day I was perusing around Pinterest looking at valentines to make for Kiera's class and asking her which ones she liked best.  She actually settled on these and I decided I would alter them slightly so I could send fruit snacks instead of candy bars. 
So first I started out by wrapping a scrap piece of paper around a fruit snack package and trimmed it to a size I liked.  I marked the size of the scrap paper on the 12x12 cardstock at first but then I decide to just measure it with a ruler and then marked my edges on the cardstock from then on out.  Each piece that I cut was 6"x5".

I was able to get 4 squares out of each piece of paper.

I folded each square to where the backs overlapped so I could glue them together.  I cut little rectangles of some flesh colored cardstock and glued the square faces to the inside that you see here.  The only tricky part is not letting the glue seep around the edges of the face to the front. 
Then I glued the bottom of the flaps together and then up the seam.  I was on a roll and totally forgot to take pictures of that part.  Gotta work fast with hot glue too. 

Now I get to the point I ask myself what I was thinking.  I had to individually cut out 34 little hand and arms since I don't have a fancy machine that does it for me.  The arms are easy, and the hands were just annoying.  I didn't measure any of it, just cut everything to a size that I liked.  I glued all of the hands to the arms so attaching them to the bodies would be quick and easy.

I placed one arm where I wanted and folded it around the back side and glued it down in the back and where the hand is.  After I put the first arm on I positioned the other one where I wanted.  I wanted them to look like they were posing with their arms or hands up in a ready or defense position.  I don't know the technical term for it but that is what I am going with!
After that I glued little hearts (that I also cut out individually by hand) on the front of each one.  Maybe one day I will get smart and buy heart shaped stickers instead of cutting them out.  I also had Kiera sign her name on the back of each one. 
Stuff those ninja's with some fruit snacks and you are done!!
I think they turned out super cute.  Kiera picked out blue paper for the boys and "magenta" as she calls it for the girls.  I haven't glued the tops shut and not sure if I will since the fruit snacks aren't moving around at all. 

I only had to make 17 of these and I think it took me a 2-2.5 hours.  I wasn't keeping track.  One of these days I won't get to make little Valentines for her so I am enjoying it, even if I have to cut out  by hand what feels like a bazillion little pieces.

The other valentines I have made are cat bag valentines and paper tube owl valentines.

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