January 24, 2014

Treasures to a 6 year old

Every evening (or morning if I forget at night) I clean out Kiera's backpack to look through her daily folder and to get her lunch box out to wash.  Yesterday morning when I was putting her lunch box in her back pack I decided to check out her pockets found some of her treasures.

The contents are...
1. Just Dewey It card - Dewey Bartlett is the mayor of Tulsa.  One day Kiera walked around repeatedly saying in an alarm sounding way Dew-ey Bart-lett, or something along those lines.  She couldn't get it out of her head.  Of course it was stuck in our heads too.

2.  A classmates phone number.  This is about the 5th time I have found someone's phone number in her bag.  Makes me wonder how many times she has given out my number (we don't have a home phone, only our cell's.)

3. A bracelet she received from a girl on a playground.

4. A roach she got out of the "treasures" box at school.  They get to pick something every Friday.

5. A blank valentine. 

I really love seeing the things that she feels are important enought to keep.  In the past I have found all sorts of things in her coat and pant pockets too, mostly rocks, sticks, shells, pennies, hair bows, and who knows what else!

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