January 21, 2014

Trees and wide open spaces

Recently Jimmy and I have been doing a lot of cutting and hauling wood, which we actually don't mind doing.  His parent's house has a ton of mature trees and the last ice storm we had took out some pretty big branches so we tidied up the yard and got some firewood cut up and threw the rest in the burn pile.  We are going to have quite the lovely bonfire once it all dries up.  We also went out to the property at the river to check on things and mow.  There ended up being a lot of branches down out there too so Jimmy and I went to town on getting all of that cleaned up too.  Jimmy even cut a couple trees down and I was in charge of pushing them over.  I think his dad was quite surprised at the size of some of the branches and tree trunks I was able to move.  I am quite a strong girl, Jimmy and my brother know this well. 
I may have mentioned this before but the property and river are a couple of my favorite places.  I have been going out there for almost 15 years now (Jimmy's parents have been going 40+ years) and it is where I am able to completely let go of everything and just relax.  It is a time to just be in the moment, not worry about anything, or even do anything for hours. Another thing I love about this tiny piece of earth is that even with all of the hills and trees there are also quite a few wide open spaces.  Sometimes just what I need is to remember how tiny we are in the universe.  Things that seem like they are big things, are really tiny and insignificant. 
This picture is for Pappy.  Trying to eat an apple without your front teeth is quite difficult. 

Tiny little beings on a tiny little planet in a gigantic universe.



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