January 29, 2014

Big camera and a lack of athleticism

 Over the last couple weekends I made myself get my big camera out to take some pictures with instead of just using my iPhone, which I also did when we were at the property a week go.  I am always glad when I do and I might need to make it a goal to do that on the weekends.  

 Don't let any of the following pictures fool you. Our girl isn't very athletic, is just isn't in her lanky little bones. She has always been pretty awkward when it comes to jumping and running and well everything.  I mean she can't even do a cartwheel and she just learned how to skip like 3 months ago.  I remember when she was really little and she would run and keep her arms straight down by her sides.  It was pretty darn funny.  Still all that doesn't stop her from trying or us from playing princess (her) and dragon (me). 
I eventually took over her tower.  I am surprised I didn't exceed the weight limit and break any boards.

And of course she didn't do this on her own.

Or this.  I lifted her 4o something pound body up there all by myself. 

I have been playing around with taking pictures facing the sun.  I don't know how I feel about them.  I like them but then I don't at the same time.  They are still keepers since there is a pretty cute little girl in them. 

(All of these were taken at the in-laws where there is an acre of mature trees and lots of room to play.)

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