April 22, 2015

Pops Arcadia, OK

The weekend before my birthday (I turned 35 last week!) we took a little trip down to OKC for the weekend and drug our camper and my father in law along. I am going to share in no particular order, just going along as I get the pictures edited. 
We stopped by Pops in Arcadia which is about 20 minutes northeast of OKC on old Route 66.  It was the first time Kiera and I had ever been and Jimmy and his dad hadn't been in a long time.  Oh and I must mention first that I was 2 weeks in to a month long clean eating challenge.  I totally cheated...but just a little.

They literally have any and every flavor of pop that you could imagine...coffee, buffalo sauce, bacon, maple, Ranch dressing, Celery, Sweet corn...I would love to try them but I don't want to spend $2 on a whole bottle and hate it.
We ate lunch and Kiera's first choice of pop was strawberry.  Jimmy had a Black Cherry Cream which was wonderful.  I only took little sips of them since I am not drinking any pop due to my clean eating and because I have just basically cut it out of my life anyway.  Jimmy and I shared an Arcadia burger which had blue cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce.  We weren't sure how the bbq sauce would be on the burger but they all worked together very nicely.  I totally cheated and ate a quarter of the burger and some fries. It helped my mental clean eating issues.  Jimmy's dad had a salad I think and Kiera ate a corn dog. 

Pops has 6 pack boxes that you can grab off of the shelves and put together your own selection to take home.  $15 for these 6 but the experience and excitement for Kiera picking out flavors was well worth it.  She had a blast.   

The only ones Jimmy and I got to pick out were the very cherry and apple pie.  I was a little overwhelmed with the hundreds (or maybe thousands) of choices.  The cases were pretty much sorted by type or flavor so once I really started looking it wasn't so bad.  And the bottles are stinking cute, we are keeping them.

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