April 4, 2011

camping again!?

As you may have noticed the outdoors is a big part of our life.  It has been a big part of each of our families lives since we were little.  Jimmy's family spent the majority of their time at the river, my family spent their time at the lake.  

For us, going camping is the ultimate relaxation.  Of course there is always some kind of work from cutting down trees to assembling a ghetto outdoor potty area but there we have no other worries while we are camping.  We are able to just be and enjoy others company.  


Mornings are my favorite time at camp.

Kiera said that the 4 wheeler was her favorite part of the whole weekend.  Especially Dada driving fast on the trails.

While on our trail ride we came across this Puff Adder.  No worries, they aren't poisonous.  They puff up and as you can see kinda look like a cobra!  They will even roll over and play dead, tongue hanging out and all!
Puff Adder

Kiera was sitting backwards on my lap and just laid her head on my chest the whole time I was swinging.  I tried to get her to lean back but she told me she liked it there so I didn't object after that regardless of how uncomfortable it was.  After all, how much longer do I have before she doesn't want to sit in my lap or cuddle any more?

Oddly enough we didn't go on our J5 drive to look for deer.   We took a different route.
Once (like 10 years ago) I actually wondered out loud what it would be like to be a bug just minding my business flying around and then BAM!  Killed by a car.  Jimmy just looked at me like I was crazy.

We found deer!  We (actually I) spotted deer in a few other spots too. Probably saw 20 total.  I totally had the wrong settings on my camera and I got the picture right before they ran off.  I only take RAW images so I was able to brighten it up a bit...OK this was the brightest I could get it.  BUT this is actually how bright it really was when I took the picture.  I am happy with how it turned out which is what matters.

On the way home someone finally gave me some space.  Berkley usually curls up in my lap but I finally got him to lay in the floorboard.  He is not only the best lap warmer ever but the best foot warmer too.

Tomorrow is a very special someones birthday too!  No it's not mine...


Jami Nato said...

Camping is not my spiritual gift... To my husbands dismay. But when I look at pics of camping, it looks fun. And then I go camp and think....WHYyyyyyyy?! :)

amanda torres said...

That snake pic almost made me pee my pants. I would have died. We love to be outdoors, but I have yet to come across a snake. They all look poisonous to me. Even those little garden snakes!

ella@lifeologia said...

That looks like an awesome trip!
I can't wait to go camping this season - except our season starts in June ;)
I really like your overexposed shots - and I mean that as a compliment ;) I love how they look moody and soft - my new photographic experiment will be to take more photos like that.

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