January 2, 2011

Great 1st Day of the Year

Yesterday was a great first day of the year.  Jimmy decided that we needed to take a little road trip in the new SUV.  First we made a quick stop in Claremore for lunch at Arby's then we were on our way to the Illinois River Ranch!  

Kiera loves Dada's new ride

Best lap warmer EVER

 Combs Bridge

 Combs bridge and the Illinois River.  On the exact spot on the opposite side I was pulled over by the river police on my very first float trip when I was 19.  That was a fun day.

Gotta throw rocks

Loves of my life

 "Mama I am gonna sit right here OK?"

We stopped at the in-laws property where we camp when the weather is nice.  Good luck finding it though.  You have to know your way around the winding roads and hills otherwise you will drive right past it.  It's nestled up by "Suicide Hill" as the family calls it, and tucked behind many trees.  This little pole barn has a platform where we sleep along with electricity, an OLD refrigerator, propane stove, and a sink.  We have to haul water in from about a mile down the road from a natural spring that runs out of a pole drilled deep down inside of the cave.

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