January 3, 2011

The Daily Grind

Well it's back to the office today.  I am counting down the days to when I will never have to work again.  Shoot, I would even be happy with working part time.  I didn't always feel this way about work, that is until Kiera came along.  Before I would happily go to work on my day off, come in early or stay a little late to help out.  Not now.  Kiera is my priority. 

Jimmy always asks me why am I always in such a hurry to get anywhere (stupid speeding tickets).  I am always in a hurry and the only time I don't rush around is when I am at home.  I take my time doing things there because I can relax and be with my family which is what matters most to me.  People may say that I have the rest of my life to experience all the things I want to with my family, but what if I don't?    

I try really hard not to beat myself up about this but it's hard not to.  Of course I feel guilty about not being there with Kiera all the time.  I don't really have a choice in the matter.  If I didn't work we wouldn't be able to live in a nice house, drive nice cars, go to the movies, and give Kiera the life and all the other things we want her to have.  

We gave her a little Leapfrog laptop for Christmas and one feature it has is this "blog" entry were the laptop says "My favorite puppy pal is Scout"  then asks "Who is your best friend?"  One time Kiera answered "Mama is my best friend" and the next time she said "It's Dada".  Made my heart melt.  That shows me right there that she really isn't suffering for us not being with her 24/7. 

Still I don't have to like going to work.  That's why they call it work.   

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