January 4, 2011

Everything but the girl

Every Monday night Kiera stays the night with my parents.  We do this so my dad gets to see her more since he works full time and because the drive from Owasso to Broken Arrow is not a short one.  I would much rather travel the 30 miles to have her stay with family than going to daycare.  

On these nights we really miss her but it is also nice to have an evening to ourselves.  We never go out to dinner or do anything special.  We just lounge around the house in our PJ's and watch TV together.  I have noticed that pretty much every Monday night I am drawn to looking at pictures of her or watching videos.  
What was that?  You would like to see some of her too?  Well you know I will GLADLY share!!

I just couldn't wait to get out to meet Mama and Dada...5 weeks early

 Love it


Just one of my many faces

I don't mind getting a little dirty

 Ok, REALLY dirty

 Oh ho ho (in a French accent) 

I like to hump my blanket and while sleeping upside down


I know I could be a model

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