December 31, 2010

I Can Breathe Again

One of the cabinets in our little hallway is the home to 90% of my craft supplies.  I also have a small 3 layered utility box I keep in our computer room closet that has acrylic paint, paint brushes, glue gun, etc. in it.  The stuff in the hall cabinet was in orderly chaos and I was able to work with that on occasion.  Well the time came where I started making all of my crafty gifts for Christmas presents.  The cabinet went downhill fast and by the end of it all I would open the door just fast enough to shove whatever I had in my hand in there and run away.  

Scary Before 

So tonight I went out and got some small drawers to organized it all.  Of course I can't sit down on the floor, couch , bed, toilet or even walk anywhere in the house without both or one of these two right there checking out what I am doing.

The lovely after!

I would still like to get a paper rack thingy to put my scrapbook paper sheets on.  I do not scrapbook but I use the paper and ribbon and stickers for all sorts of other  projects.  
 We took the Toyota to a car wash so Jimmy could spray some smell good stuff on the carpet (something smells a little odd, luckily the dealership is going to detail it for us next week) and I glance over at the trash and there is a wire basket on the ground screaming at me to come pick it up.  So I hopped out and glanced around to make sure no one was looking and snatched that sucker up.  I would like to paint it, I just don't know what color yet. 

See I told you I cant do anything without someone checking things out.

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