April 5, 2011

happy birthday little brother

Only he isn't so little anymore.  I think its pretty impressive that the very earliest memory I have was the day Colby was born.  It was 10 days before I turned 2.  Oh and for the record I call him Coby.  Always have, always will.  He hates it but I don't care. 


We got along pretty darn well if you ask me.  Of course when we were litte we had issues like all other siblings.  I would never stop bugging him until he would punch me in the stomach and knock the wind out of me.  Have you ever had the wind knocked out of you?  It's not fun.  Once when I was 15 I was annoying him in Target on a Saturday and he elbowed me in the jaw to get me to quit.  He had hit a growth spurt and didn't realize where my face was now located in reference to his elbow.  It knocked my bottom tooth loose and chipped the one above it.  I couldn't get it fixed until Monday after school.  I didn't talk much that day. 

We actually did quite a few things together when we were teenagers. 

When he was a freshman and I was a juior I convinced him to join the swim team with me.  He stayed on until I graduated. 

Then he was at my senior prom because he was dating a fellow swimmer.  I had fun with him there.  It didn't bother me one bit. 

In 1998 I got a job at Best Buy and shortly after I got him to come work there with me.    Poor Colby had to hear male some co-workers thoughts about me since I was a skinny little hottie back then.  He once told me that the guys noticed how he either rode to or from work with me all the time and though we were a couple.  That's when he would tell them it's because we had lived together since he was born or something like that.  

Once there was a guy (at Best Buy) that kept asking me out for a date and I just wasn't interested in him.  Me being polite and telling him I didn't like him that way wasn't working.  I asked Colby to help in getting the point across to the guy. I don't know exactly what he did, probably threatend him, but he got the point across. 

And seeing how we don't really look a like he used to hate going to the mall  with me because girls might think I was his girlfriend.  I told him I didn't mind if guys thought that because he is cute.

Oh but I love him so.  As you can see we have done alot together.   Besides Jimmy he is the only other person that I can completely be myself around.  OK and Mandy too.  But that's it.  Sorry peeps but it's the truth. 

So Happy Birthday Colby! 
colby in tx

I am so glad to have you as my brother and I can't imagine my life without you!

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Colby said...

Aww, I love you too.

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