April 6, 2011

picnic for one

Yesterday it was just too nice of a day to be stuck inside so I wandered outside to one of the picnic tables we have at work to eat my lunch.  

I am pretty sure no one has ever eaten lunch out there since that is where everyone goes on their smoke breaks.  Luckily I was all by myself (except for that crazy bird in a tree) and I was able to enjoy 45 minutes of sunshine and the breeze. 


I didn't enjoy my food too much because it just didn't sound that appetizing and it needed some salt.  I ate it anyway. 
Ashley Pics3-1

Now more about that bird.  I have noticed that most of these crazy birds hang out at Wal Mart.  They make horrible screeching noises.  It sounds somewhere between a police car siren, when you try to tune a radio with all that high pitched squealing, and some creepy grumbing noise.  I did a little research and found out it is called a Grackle
I will spare you all the details here and you can go check it out for yourself. 

And if you haven't noticed my favorite and best subject in school was (and still is) anything science related.  NO, the reason I liked it wasn't because I had a hottie varsity football players as table partners 2 years in a row.  That was just a bonus.    

Now go soak up some Mommy (or Daddy) alone time and have a picnic or bath or something you find relaxing.  

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