March 1, 2011

First 2011 Camp

This past weekend we went camping for the first time of many to come in 2011.  Yeah it was literally freezing cold Friday night but it was all good.  We cheat and use electric blankets.  

Saturday was a little cool but nothing we couldn't handle.  OK fine, I got some windburn on my cheeks from riding my in laws new 4 wheeler without any protection but it was all good too because the protection was on Kiera's face.  She did not get windburn and that's what matters.  Our friend Robbie came out and brought her granddaughter Izzy who is almost exactly 6 months older than Kiera.  They had a great time playing together.  And as you can imagine all the grandparents kept saying things like "It's great when they have a sibling to play with" blah blah blah.  WE AREN'T HAVING ANY MORE KIDS!! 

Sunday we took a long ride on the 4 wheelers on J5 again.  Like 15 miles or so long that took 1+ hours.  This was also the first time Berkley has ever been on a 4 wheeler and he loooooved it.


I know you are thinking "Wow, with great food like that where do you go to the bathroom?  Do you have to squat in the woods somewhere?"    
No, no we do not...

Potty seat over a bucket.  Aw yeah.  Though we all know how to squat (and have done it for many years) it's nice that we don't have to.


lesley said...

That looks so fun! Love the "bathroom"!

Holly said...

We camp a lot with friends and your "bathroom" cracks me up!

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