March 2, 2011

Under Construction

Are you blinded by the bright whiteness of the background?
Boy I am.
I am trying to make this page reflect ME and I am just not liking the way it looks.  
I am struggling.
These templates and backgrounds and crap are not working together. 

Here is my progress or lack there of...

1.  I got the text taking up more space like I wanted.

2.   Blog name and and picture are centered.  Good.

3. I want my pictures to be BIGGER.  That's an easy fix.

4.  I might just leave the background white but...
5.  I want some kind of buttons/tabs/thingies to spruce it up a bit. 
6.  The text that's chillin' next to my profile picture is driving me CRAZY!!  It needs to be completely under the picture. 

7.  I need a better profile picture than me cheesin' it in our kitchen.  Anyone in the Tulsa/Owasso area care to offer their photography skills to taking a nice picture of me?  No.  I'll bake you a cake!  To die for Banana Nut Bread?  Dang.  Guess I'll whip out my tripod and have a mini photo session with myself...somewhere...secluded....and alone.  How pathetic.

But whatever.  I found a few things I like that are ME and I am slowly working on them in Photoshop but it's gonna take me a while.  Why?  Because I hardly know how to use it which is a whole 'nother story I for a later day.
Hopefully I will have it fixed by this weekend.  

And I will still be posting even with the ugliness.  

Take that!

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