March 3, 2011

We've Got A Runner

At one point during our J5 ride this past weekend we had all stopped to take a walk around a small lake.  When we were finished Jimmy and I took off with Berkley on the bike along with Robbie and Izzy while Kiera hung back with her Nanny and Papa.  A mile or 2 down the road we stopped to let them catch up.  My in laws told us that before they got in the truck to follow us Kiera said she wanted to run, so they let her take off in front of the truck as they followed slowly behind her.  She is such a silly girl.  We were getting ready to take off again and switched Berkley for Kiera this time.  She told us she wanted to run again. 

So we took off on the bike and she ran next to us.  She cracks us up.  She is very dainty when she runs.

1 comment:

lesley said...

She is adorable!

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