April 1, 2011

to cut or not to cut

I have thick hair.  Thick straight as a board hair.  Even though it is straight as a board it holds when I curl it.  Unless its muggy outside then it looks bad even when it's straight.  I go through phases of wanting short and long hair.  I will grow it out and then chop it off and when I say chop it off I mean CHOP IT OFF!  A coworker asked me the other day how I get my hair so straight and I told him I was born that way. 

Lets take a look over the past oh 13 years and see what lovely styles I have had. 
Please excuse the photo quality of some of these. 


Sheesh.  Things were pretty wacky from 98 to 03.  I remember the last time I had any kind of color added to my hair was in 2004, shortly before we got married.  It was the same length it is now but I had to fix a bad highlighting job.  Since then I I have had my natural brown color, which is golden in the sunlight.  I can't tell you how many times my brother asked if I had colored it since I grew out the natural color.  My hair started as dark blonde when I was little and then I always highlighted it until that platinum blonde stage.

And here I am currently with my boring hair...
scary face


I read somewhere the way to get rid of your double chin in pictures is to crane you neck up like a giraffe and tilt your chin down at the same time.  It works but the look on my face is kinda scary.  I have a different method that works just as well and I don't look psychotic while doing it.  Now if I just lose weight I won't have to do any of that!

But I am on the verge of callin' my girl to have her chop it off once again.  I haven't cut it in a year and a half from when it was the cute shag wedge style, except for my swoopy bangs.  I like them.  But shorter hair is just sooooo much easier to deal with.  Don't ya kow how much shampoo and conditioner it takes to wash that much hair?  Plus it looks cute when its wet while floating the river or at Big Splash and not a stringy tangled mess hanging all over the place.  Not that I really care what I look like at either of those places, but still. 

So you just might see a new hairstyle on this here lady in the next couple weeks to go along with my new age of 31. 


lesley said...

I constantly go back and forth between long and short. It seems like as soon as it gets long I'm ready to chop it but I HATE the growing it out stage - currently in.

ella@lifeologia said...

I change my hair very often too - but now I'm trying to stick with what I have, I did get bangs not too long ago so it's kind of a new look - and now with longer hair it's still a new look - kind of ;)

For you my girl, my advice is to keep it long, and it's sexy with that side fringe too. I'm seeing the spring/ summer fashions are very romantic and this look would suit the long hair.

You know you're lucky to have such luscious thick hair - right?

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