January 5, 2012

2011 Goal Recap

Waaaay back in March I wrote about what my goals were for 2011 and since it has now ended of the year it is time for a recap.  

1.  Redo Jimmy's Bathroom. 
You can see here that I mostly got it finished.  Just last week I bought my first can of spray paint, oil rubbed bronze.  I am in love with spray paint.  I sprayed this previously green mirror (found at a garage sale for $5 and it had the original price tag of $44.99!) and previously purple vase in the oil rubbed bronze but it just looked like a super dark brown or almost black.  The isn't enough of the right light in the bathroom to pick up the shimmer in the spray paint.  Sooo I bought a little bottle of acrylic metallic antique copper to brighten them up a bit and they are now perfect!   


Eventually I will get some new floor mats and Jimmy needs to hang the mirror on the wall and it will be pretty much done!  Oh and he has informed me that he likes the shower curtain that I made and wants to keep it!  How about that?

2.  Learn how to use Photo Shop.
I gave up on this.  I tried a number of times to just put my own collage of pictures together for a header and could not get the stupid thing to work right.  I got half of it done and then forgot how I got there and it all went down hill after that.  Plus there are plenty of photo editing tools out there I can use for free so I will just stick with that. 

3.  Redo the landscaping in the front yard. 
Oh how I wish this was done.  I'm not even going to show you what it looks like...unless you are one of the people that actually know where I live, then you know what it looks like.  It really isn't that bad but gah it could look great.  I don't know what kind of plants that I want up there besides them being low maintenance and not pokey.  Have you every trimmed a holly bush before?  Painful.  My dad has offered to help dig up the stupid holly bushes and I will take him up on that one of these days and he will be paid with gratitude and food. 

4.  Learn to operate my sewing machine.  
Well it is out of Kiera's closet and now sitting in the living room.  I did make this pillow case with it so I have at least figured out how to thread it and somewhat operate it, even if it took me 1 1/2 hours to make it.

I did sit down one day and play with back stitching and the other types of stitching the machine does which I think is an accomplishment.  I plan on making a pillow for Kiera with her name on it but fabric must be bought first.  I may just take a stab at making this super duper cute bag...


2 out of 4 goals reached is acceptable in my book.  Now the only problem is figuring out what the 2012 goals will be.  I already have a couple ideas floating around in my head and I will be sure to let you know what they are.


Holly said...

Spray paint is the best. It completely changes everything about a piece! Your pillow looks great! Did you sew on the buttons or did you figure out how to make button holes? If you did button holes, can you come here and show me how?

Ashley said...

Haha..button holes. I stitched them on by hand and the pillowcase is sewn shut where the buttons are.

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