January 13, 2012

Still Alive

I know I haven't been making much of an appearance lately but I have been around.  When I started this blog I put alot of pressure on myself to make sure I posted every day Monday through Friday.  There were many days that I had no idea what I wanted to talk and if I didn't write about something it would stress me out or it would stress me out trying to figure out something to write about.  I guess because I had it in my head that people (which were probably just family and a total of 5 of them) would be looking for me to write about something and get upset if I didn't or stop reading.  Helloooo Ashley!!! This is a blog for me not them.  So I began to miss a few days here and there and it was a little painful at first but I began to relax. 

Then August happend when I started my new position at work and the blog really took a back seat.  I was just mentally exhausted and kind of got used to documenting on this here blog things that were really important to me.  None of this meaningless just because I have to write about "something". 

So life has been going on.  Not much else since it is winter and we just stay home mostly.  I will give you a few thoughs and plans and such to end with...

1.  Kiera does this booty shaking thing that is hilarious.  She has done it for as long as I can remember.  She will face away from you and swing her hips back and forth singing "Shake your booty, shake your bootay".  If its a naked booty shaking she gets spanked, then she giggles and runs away until she starts again.

2.  Berkley is getting groomed today and will have his teeth cleaned on Monday along with a having a baby tooth removed.  One of his little canines failed to fall out.  I remember when he first lost a tooth I freaked out.  He is my first dog after all.

3.  We are going to Gentry Arkansas tomorrow because apparently there is a drive through zoo there.

4.  Kiera is becoming curious about Dada's pee pee crotch.  She has not seen him naked since she was like 1.  She asked us the other night "Does Dada's pee pee crotch hang like this" while holding her index finger down between her legs.  Oh you can bet we laughed hard and didn't answer her question.  We told her it was inappropriate and she doesn't need to be concerned with it, while still laughing.  I am 99% sure this is a normal curiosity at this age. 

5.  Monday the place Kiera goes to for gymnastics is having a camp from 9a-2p and we signed her up!  She is really having a blast in gymnastics and is even practicing at home.  I wish she could go for more than just 1 hour a week. 

6.  My job is going great.  I am completely caught up on everything and have everything running smoothly.  It was a huge mess when I took over.  Jimmy's job is going great too since he recently had a perfect evaluation and got a raise!  Woo hoo! 

7.  I practiced sewing some black out curtains out of a sheet for out bedroom.  When I say practiced I do mean practice.  I forgot how to thread my machine since the last time I used it and had to look it up again.  Now I need to learn to sew a straigt seam.   Jimmy and I had a good laugh at how horrible it was but he was sweet when he said "Well you are practicing so it's ok".   

Until next week...

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Hespyhesp said...

OMG I was laughing out loud about her "pee pee crotch" question. My mom loves to tell a story about me where I came running into the room with a brush stuck in the front of my pants and announced, "Look Mom, I'm a man!"

Also, drive through zoo?! Can't wait to hear about that!

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