January 16, 2012

miss independent

Sitting next to me on the couch Kiera spills Jello on shirt.
She strips off the shirt and runs into the wash room.
I hear the stool being scooted around.
I get up to see what exactly she is doing and then race for my camera.




After I took the first picture she turned and saw me.  She started telling me she was trying to wash her shirt but needed help getting the detergent open and needed to know where to point the knobs.  I told her we didn't need to just wash one shirt so we gathered up what we could to throw in the washer together.  I showed her where the knobs need to go for future reference, though she is no where near ready to do her own laundry but she can surely help and occasionally does. 

 She is getting a little more independent every day.  She will scoot a chair from our dining table all the way across the kitchen so she can climb on the counter to get a cup to get a drink.  Just the other night she brings me a cup, lid, straw and chocolate syrup because she wanted some hot cocoa (the milk is too high up and heavy).  Other days she just "can't" do some things like put a shirt on by herself.  We know that she can and it just takes a little guidance and encouragement.  I love the proud little look on her face after she accomplishes something she though she couldn't. 

So many changes happening in the past year...she definitely isn't a little baby anymore.

1 comment:

ella@lifeologia said...

No way, she is one big girl and how independent of her!!! nice ;)

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