January 18, 2012

Bedroom Curtains

I have mentioned that I am on a mission to change up a few things in our house to make it more of ours instead of the people that previously owned it.  Not that we didn't love how they had it decorated/painted we (maybe just I) wanted to make it more of our own.  here is our bedroom now.  The only thing that is the same from when we moved in is the fan, paint and headboard thingy and lamps. 

One of the things on the list was to replace our bedroom drapes.  I bought them in 2003 when Jimmy moved in together for the final time when we decided to get married the next year.  They were in our living room and when we ought our house in 2006 they went up in the bedroom since our house came with living room drapes which I already switched out.

(The curtains above are the same below to the left)

  Since I have added the new-ish nightstands and comforter they really weren't meshing with the rest of the room.  I knew I wanted a bold type pattern since everything else is pretty simple and I contemplated making some curtains but never made it out to to a fabric store since I would have to drive to Tulsa.  Yeah I work in Tulsa but I don't take a lunch since I spend my lunch hour taking Kiera to school in the morning.  Hobby Lobby is the closest thing to our house and I just wasn't feeling what they had in stock.  So one day in Target I came across these. 

They were $24.99 a panel.  Sheesh, I know most panels cost that much but thinking of spending $100 for curtains hurts.  At least I found something I liked.  Then next day I went online to see if they could have been cheaper and they were by $2.  I decided to measure the windows to see what size I would need and decided that I could probably get away with just buying 2 since they were wide enough to cover each window and then some.  By now I was obsessed with the curtains and went back online to check on them the next day.  Guess how much they were...$12.49 a panel!  Are you freaking kidding me?  Half off?  Immediately I asked Jimmy's mom if I could use their credit card to purchase them since we have no card of any sort.

After they arrived in the mail I immediately hung one up in Jimmy told me the one curtain looked stupid and I needed to buy 2 more.  Dang it!  So the next time I got smart and looked around for a promo code online and found one for 10% off.  It only took like $2.70 off my purchase but that is better than nothing since I had to pay for shipping again.

While waiting for the 2nd set to arrive I went to town on making a ghetto blackout curtain (we like it dark at night) since the new panels aren't lined and I didn't want to tamper with the actual curtains.  This was my sewing practice.  I had a spare lonely cream colored flat sheet that I decided to cut  fit to the inside the window, and by using the edges of the sheet I only had to sew 4 out of 8 sides.  I left open a slit at the top part of the sheet so I could slide it over a tension rod.  It worked out perfectly.  If you look close enough in the second picture you can see my horribly crooked seam.  Like I said, practice. 

The light is blocked out at night but still lets light in during the day.  Overall I am very happy with how the bedroom is looking now.  (These pictures were taken at night with flash) 

I really do love the curtains though.  They have a nice subtle pattern which is what I wanted.  .  

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