January 19, 2012


Last weekend we took a trip to Gentry Arkansas to visit the Wild Wilderness Drive Through Safari.  I thought it was OK and I decided I prefer a zoo I can walk through since I can get much better pictures.  Plus the exercise is a bonus I guess.

Any of the "dangerous" animals were sectioned off from the free roaming animals.  I used my telephoto lens on the drive through part to get shots of the animals since most of them were far away.  I am quite proud of this panther eye shot through the chain length fence.  I did that on purpose. 

This is Richard (Jimmy called him a different name but Kiera didn't approve so he lengthened it).  He was copping an attitude about us crossing his bridge so we had a stare down.  We drive right up to he and he/she still wouldn't move!  Richard eventually gave in since our SUV is bigger. 

Bengal tigers and their blue eyes.  Aaah, reminds me of Lilly.  Only Lilly wouldn't try to eat me.

The rules clearly stated "do not roll down your windows" and "do not feed the animals".  Can you possibly guess why the monkeys were climbing all over this vehicle?     

Petting zoo time.  I love the look of Kiera wearing Jimmy's beanie looking all grown up like.  Not that I am excited about her growing up so fast.

 "I said no pictures!  I will peck your eyeballs out!  Bwak Bwaaaaak!"

I had a nice conversation with this fellow.  He wasn't enjoying all the wind.

This goose was making a lot of racket.  Must have been looking for someone special.

Right at this moment Kiera and I were running from this chicken chasing us.  We though it was pretty funny.

 This kangaroo was the first one we have ever met.  Such a nice and friendly marsupial.  It sniffed our hands though we didn't try to pet it.  I didn't want to be kicked.

 Have you ever watched prairie dogs before?  They are hilaaaaarious.  We could have sat and watched them all day.  A lot of them were jumping and clapping their hands in the air, maybe a dance to attract someone special?  Some were doing this silly dance where they would walk up to each other backwards and sniff each other, turn around to look at each other and then start it all over again.  I want a few for my backyard so I can watch them.    

There were other animals like buffalo, camels, deer, warthogs, oh and some baby pigs that were sooooo adorable and tiny!  There were a lot of animals I don't know the names of and some of them were actully running around which always makes me excited to see.  There were monkeys too but it was too cold and windy to walk to where they were.  When you've seen one you've pretty much seen them all. 

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Holly said...

These are all great pics. Looks like a fun day! I don't like geese, they freak me out. So glad that Blogger is letting me comment this morning. Kiera looks adorable in that hat!

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