January 20, 2012


For my birthday last year my in-laws got me a gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl and I ordered this custom necklace. 
TVP necklace collage

When Christmas came around I went to the store to put together a necklace with a la carte items for my mom and mother in law.  When I was searching through one of their bowls of random name charms in the store I came across one with "Kiera" on it.  I gasped and said out loud in a high pitched voice "No freaking way!!!  I have to get this".  I could not believe it was spelled just like her name and in the same font as my necklace.  I guessed that when they made mine they grabbed a little charm and added her name to it and threw it in the random pile.  It was meant to be.  I added a pink birthstone to since that is her favorite color (though not her birthstone).  Fot the other necklaces I just bought a round "K" and square "T" (for Toni) initial charm along with a beautiful cranberry pearl for Kathy's and champagne pearl for my mom's. 

Kiera got her necklace in her stocking from "Santa" and absolutely loves it.  I showed her that it matches mine and that makes it even more special.

The week after Christmas The Vintage Pearl asked on their Facebook page to submit a photo of the piece you got for Christmas and whoever they picked and posted on the blog would win a $25 gift certificate.  I decided to take a shot at it and sent in an adorable picture of Kiera.  Of course we had a little conversation before hand that I needed a pretty picture and after we got it she could throw in her goofy ones.

And they picked it as one of the winners!  Woo hoo!  Now I have to decide who and what I will use it for.

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