August 31, 2011

jimmy's bathroom redo

Waaaay back in February I made a pact with myself that I would redo Jimmy's bathroom this year.  I thought I wanted to go with a grayish blue color on the walls but decided that I would like to keep our house in the same color scheme (deep red, greens, and gold) and not a bunch of different colors.  The only room that is exempt from this is Kiera's of course. 

I was talking to my mother in law about wanting to paint the bathroom a lightish green color but just haven't been able get the $25 can of paint to do it yet.  She told me I could have a gallon of paint she bought a year ago and never used that just so happened to be green.  I opened it up and slapped a couple test spots on the wall and decided it would work just fine.  It wasn't exactly the same shade/tone I picked out to use but I have decided I like it much better.

So here is what it looked like before with the 12 year old shower curtain the horribly dark brownish green walls that are also the same color as the hallway and our master bedroom.
Aaaaand after!!!

What a huge difference huh? 

I had the bright idea of making a temporary shower curtain out of an old sheet we had that is an off white creamy kinda color.  While I had this idea rolling around in my head I had $10 Kohls cash burning a hole in my wallet.  I was looking around on their website at the curtain clip things and saw they had some on sale for $5.49 for a pack of 7 instead of $14.99!  I went to the store to buy pewter ones but all they had were mocha bronze ones.  I decided to buy 2 packages of the mocha bronze and only had to pay $0.52!!!  Score!  Our shower curtain rod was craptastic and the new mocha bronze clips would clash with our silver rod so I needed a new one of those too.  Luckily I also had a $10 JC Penny's cash coupon and found they had shower curtain rods on sale for $14.99 instead of $22.99!  So I went and bought their bronze curtain rod for the low low price of $5.42 with coupon! 

Now it was time for the shower curtain.  I whipped out the curtain from our sheet cabinet and washed it then ironed it.  I had to trim some of the fabric off the bottom because it was waaay to long and just used my trusty Heat N Bond tape to hem the bottom.  Only when I went to hang up my makeshift curtain with the liner, the sheet ended up being wider than the liner so I had to work a little magic to get it to hang right.

I found the curtain I want at Target for $25 (their site won't let me borrow the picture so I cant show you but it's tan and white) and I still need new floor mats but I don't really know what color pattern I want.  The 2 purple floor mats and the purple vase will have to stay for now.  I really love that tall vase and I would like to paint it an oil rubbed bronze color to tie in with the little night light on the toilet and the shower curtain rod/clips.  I just switched out the striped towel for a tan one we had on hand.  I also have this round mirror thing I bought like a year ago at a garage sale that is still stashed in a cabinet that I would like to paint the oil rubbed bronze and hang it on a wall in there.

Since I had half of a gallon of paint left I got another bright idea to paint our tiny little dark hallway.  If you can even call it a hall way.  The door on the left is Kiera's room, the right door is the computer room, and across from that is Jimmy's bathroom.

On either side of the "hallway" are huge cabinets that hold most of my craft supplies, miscellaneous Christmas gifts, sheets, towels, blankets, games, trinkets from our teenage years, Kiera's medical supplies.

I tried to get a close up of the color but dang it is hard to take pictures in small bathrooms and tiny hall spaces.  The color is a little darker than this but just refer back to the before picture of the bathroom and you can imagine what a huge difference it is.

I am extremely happy with this huge trasformation for the low cost  of $5.92.  So thank you to the MIL for the paint, Kohls and JC Penny's for the free $20, and my mom for my crafting ability!

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Holly said...

Oh my goodness! What a difference. Looks great and so much lighter and brighter. Nice job.

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