September 1, 2011

tour de oklahoma

It has been a bit of a struggle to get Kiera to practice riding her bike.  She thinks that she can't ride it because she is too small and that she will automatically be a pro at it when she is bigger and older.  Of course we explain to her every single time that you have to practice at it and no one is really ever good at something the very first time they try it.  Oh and her other argument is that she needs knee pads.  Psh, I had such banged up knees when was little and I turned out fine.   For the most part.
Somehow she agreed to go for a ride the other night after I promised her multiple times that I would be right there with her and nothing bad would happen to her.

She kept looking at her feet in the beginning but she got better at looking up and ahead once she got the hang of it.

We got around the first corner without any problems!!

It was pretty warm outside and her little cheeks were quite pink.  She is so stinkin' tan from the Cherokee blood pumping through her veins it is hard to tell but she was getting a work out.

She also asked every.single.person we passed if they liked her bike or made some other random comment.  She told 2 teenage boys they were handsome, asked one dad (to 2 boys) if he liked her Hello Kitty bike to which he replied "Yeah that is a mean looking Hello Kitty bike!  I like it a lot", to a man mowing someones yard she told him she got it at Wal Mart on sale with all the other bikes (which is only half true), and when she asked a girl on a skateboard if she liked it the girl told Kiera it was a really cool bike.  

She ended up falling down twice because parts of the sidewalk had a slight decline and she got going a little too fast.  She crashed into the grass both times and this tiny little scratch was from the pedal.

Note to self:  flip flops are not a smart choice when walking 2 MILES.  Yes we went around our massive block TWICE!  I was only expecting to get in front of the house before she decided to turn around but nooooo, she just kept going and then wanted to go around the block again!!  When she decides to do something she really goes for it.  It's also a great way to get her Mama to exercise.  Maybe once she goes faster she will get me to work my way up to running.

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Holly said...

Maybe knee pads aren't such a bad idea, sorry she got a boo boo. I can't tell you how many times I flew over the handles of my bike and I survived. She is so cute and yes Kiera, your bike Rocks!

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