January 21, 2011

I Need A Makeover

I am not a person who likes change.  I do not like to rearrange my furniture at home, change desks in school or at work, or to even change the order of the icons on my phone.  I changed order of the icons on my (old) phone once and did not sleep well that night.  Seriously I kept waking up thinking about it.  Changing things makes me feel very uncomfortable. However, the time has come for me give Jimmy's bathroom a makeover.  This kind of change does not  bother me.  And no he doesn't use our master bathroom because he is too tall to fit in the shower. 

I have had this purple/green/tan shower curtain since I moved into my first apartment July 6, (2009 oops) 1999.  Oh you've noticed I remember dates huh?  It is one of my many talents.  
(I took this picture using the panorama app on my iphone...hehe)

Anywho, I am sick and tired of looking at it.  I just want a new curtain and some fresh paint, plus a few towels to match.  I already have some stuff around the house I can use as accent decorations.  I would like it to be a bit brighter in there and I have my mind stuck on painting the walls a light shade of blue.   The color on the walls right now is how they were when we moved in, they just happened to kinda match our stuff.

I really like this color scheme (just ignore the fact that it is a bedroom).

And I did find this shower curtain at Kohl's that I look at every time I am in the store.  I just keep waiting for it to cost less than $35!!  Still $35 is better than the regular $59 it cost!  

I just dont know if I am diggin' the circles.  I do like circles though.  I really like the grayish blue color and think it will add some brightness but not in your face brightness.  I think I will just have to suck it up and go get it.  

I am WAY too good at talking myself out of buying things.  But hey, me being frugal is one of the things Jimmy loves about me.  A trait he struggles with but has gotten much better after meeting me.  


AshleyAnn said...

Oooo those are pretty colors. I would like to steal all those chairs on your header to fill my house with. They are just perfect!

Ashley said...

When we drove by the chairs I thought of you. I made Jimmy stop so I could take some pictures of Kiera. They were on the backside of some building off Main St. in Collinsville.

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