January 20, 2011

Mama's Little Helper

Last night while I began to make dinner Kiera ran into the bathroom to get her stool and brought it into the kitchen.  She said "Mama, I am going to help you".  I am thinking OK, I have some stuff she can help with.  I made cheeseburger mac so it was fairly easy for her to do.  She stirred the hamburger meat in the skillet, and then stirred it up with the seasoning salt I added.

Now the water was boiling and I let her pour in the macaroni.  She missed getting a few noodles in the pot but it was all good.  I was trying to teach her safety in working in the kitchen.  She was talking the entire time.  About what I can't remember, except she did keep telling me "I am helping you Mama".  Any of you that currently have toddlers or did at one time will know that they NEVER STOP TALKING!  I tend to block it out at times to keep my sanity.  I told her that I love when she helps me.  

I let her help me carefully cut the Velveeta cheese.  She didn't really care for that because it was hard to cut.  Then I let her pour everything in the pot and stir it all up.  She was saying something about getting the cheese all over the noodles.  

After it was finshed you know what she wanted to do next?  The dishes.  Yep she likes to wash the dishes in the sink.  Well she plays a lot too but hey she is eager to help.  
Now I just have to figure out how many years I have before she realizes that doing the dishes really isn't fun and she tries to weasel her way out of it.

More often than not she wants to help me decorate a cake, pour things into a mixer.  Oh and she is a pro at cracking eggs.  But I love it when she wants to help me in the kitchen or doing laundry.  Doing things with her make them not so tedious because she is a constant source of entertainment.  Plus I get to stare at her beautiful little face!

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