January 24, 2011

Lost My Mind

Well I haven't totally lost my mind but you would think I have sometimes.  One day I lost my car in the Wal Mart parking lot, but in defense it is a Wal Mart I rarely go to and didn't park in my normal section.  Then a couple weeks later I couldn't find where I parked at Target on Black Friday.  It was 4:45am, dark, and a lot of cars.  Who would have thought I got to park so close to the doors on such a crazy morning?  Not only do I not like change, my brain doesn't handle it well.  AND I totally forgot to make a post about something interestin so it's just a bunch of radomness today.

The weekends are always entirely too short for me. We took my father in law to eat at The Wing Stop where we shared a basket of wings, fries and a few beers.  Later while Kiera took a nap I relocated my fish tank to its original spot. I had to move it to have a place to put my Christmas tree. It's only a 10 gallon so it's easy to empty and move around.  No fish jumped out of the holding bowl like last time.  Kiera had found it on the floor and screamed "THE FISH IS DEAD!!!"  Luckily it wasn't. 

Kiera sure is a crazy little thing but then again she is 3. Boy does she test us these days.  She can't make up her mind about about anything, she wants to do things all by herself and gets mad when she struggles, or just says she can't do it without trying.  We are quick to encourage her and talk her through the steps of whatever she is struggling with.  In the fall she will begin the 4 year old program and she is beyond excited to start school.  We have been trying to use this to our advantage in order to get her to put her coat on by herself and use the bathroom without any help among other things.  75% of the time she takes her pants and panties completely off when she uses the bathroom and that ain't gonna fly at school.  Part of the problem is because her feet don't touch the floor (we arent using a potty chair anymore) and everything can fall right off.  Is it bad that we tell her if she can't keep her pants on then she won't be able to go to school this year?  Nah. 

I am a big sweets lover.  We do not keep sweets in the house because I will eat too much of it and Jimmy isn't a big fan of the sweets.  Whenever I do make something I give 90% of it away.  I keep just a little for me to nibble on.  Yesterday I tried out an apple cinnamon bread recipe I found online but it didn't turn out great.  I thought it was OK.  It was really moist and the cinnamon crumb topping was great, but it needs some tweaking like more cinnamon and apples.  So I gave some to my parents, and the inlaws and kept a piece for myself.  I do make some KILLER banana nut bread though. 

I will leave you with a picture of Kiera and I when we were playing out in the snow the other day.  Ok we didn't really "play" since it was like 17 degrees outside.  We were out there long enough for her to make 2 know angels.  I am surprised that the tear on her face didn't freeze!
That would be weird.  I wonder how cold it has to be for your eyeballs to freeze...


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