January 25, 2011

Ashley the Entomologist

If you haven't noticed by now we camp a lot.  Mainly at the Illinois River Ranch but we do travel to places as close as Oolagah Lake and as far as Robbers Cave.  I am not really a entomologist but I like to take pictures of insects.  I am NOT a girly girl by any means.  Soon you will see what I mean.

 (I did not take the pictures of the grown moths.  They are all courtesy of me searching Google)

White Marked Tussock Moth (the long fuzzy spikes are poisonous-DO NOT TOUCH)

Spotted Apatelodes (poisonous spikes)

American Dagger Moth (poisonous)


Poplar Hawk Moth (spike is not poisonous to humans)

I haven't found out what this one is yet

 Female Eastern Fence Lizard (yes I am holding her, she liked me)

Female Heteronemiidae (Common Walking Stick)

Male Megaphasma denticrus (Giant Walking Stick)

These two walking stick became quite the couple once I introduced them to each other.  The male uses that claw on the end of his body to um, keep the lady in place while they uh, yeah.  Since we were camping for the weekend I was able to study them and they actually stayed attached for like 24 hours!!!  Yeah you probably think I am weird, but science is SOOO my thing.

OK, so I don't want you to leave here traumatized from looking at all these bug pictures so I will leave you with the cutest thing in the world...

(see the tiny fuzzy spot just up from the middle of the picture)
Newborn baby bunnies!!!

8 days old!!!

Dang they grow fast!!!  The first few years after we moved in our house a bunny would make her babies a home in our backyard.  We would take them out so Jimmy could mow and not murder them.  One year it didn't work out so well :O(  Since that incident there were only one more set of babies born after that.  They made it out safely since we went to check on them one day and they were gone.  They are seriously one of the cutest  things in the world.  It was very hard not to keep one!  

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