January 26, 2011

I Scared the Machine

The other day I had a small lunch, which I usually do.  I was sitting at my desk that other afternoon and was hungry and had nothing to snack on since I had already eaten my apple a little earlier.  I decided to go get some pretzels or Gardetto's out of our vending machine.  I chose Gardettos.  I put my money in and the bag got stuck.  "Oh no you di-int" I told the machine out loud and hit on the plexiglass because that's what you do even though you know it won't work.   Yes, I actually talk to inanimate objects and have one sided conversations with them.  Especially my computer at work.  Apparently I scared the machine and it spit out my bag plus another one!!!!!  That's what I thought machine.

So I was goofing off with my phone and decided to take some pictures of my score.  Oh and just to let you know I NEVER get things for free or win stuff.  Ok I lied but I can count on one hand how many times I have in the past 15 years.  I can recall each time it has happend but I will spare you.

I do not like rye bread.  Mainly because I can not stand caraway seeds.  But I absolutely loooooove the rye chips.  I save them for last.

And wouldn't you know that while I was facing away from my cube door taking the picture someone who does not work in the office was walking up to my boss's cube (next to mine) and I glance over my shoulder just to see him looking away from me. 

Please note the mess ofh jgbghrytgh yh8 6uytcrx   d papers to the right is my boss's doing, not mine.  (Let's thank Kiera for that previous contribution.)

Yes I am the silly girl who takes pictures of bagle chips in an almost empty bag.  Well maybe it didn't look so much like a mini photo shoot with my score but like I was actually texting or looking something up on my phone while facing the bags that were positioned just so.  Yeah, I'm gonna go with that.


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