January 27, 2011

He Loves Me

In 2006 Jimmy wrote me this note on the white board attached to our fridge.  
We had just moved into our house so of course things were a little tight.  I had asked if he minded if I went to get some supplies to do some kind of craft, though I can't remember what it was.  I think he left me like $20 which was way more than enough.      

He isn't one to buy gifts for Valentine's Day, or plan romantic dinners, etc.  He says that if he does it all the time I would come to expect it, and I would be disappointed when it doesn't happen.  So I never expect anything and when he does do something, it really does mean that much more.  

The last time he bought me flowers for Valentines Day and had them delivered to my work was in like 2003.  OK he may have done it once since then, I can't remember but I bawled that day.  Everyone thought he proposed.  HAHAH!.  No.  Though last year for my birthday he got me my DSLR camera and for Mother's Day he gave me a Dell Mini laptop.  See those were BIG surprises that I wasn't expecting at all but I still don't need all of that for me to know just how much he loves me.  Shoot, he could stop along the side of the road somewhere and pick some flowers and put them in a plastic Dixie cup for me and I would be just as happy!  I am easy to please!

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allenaim photography and design said...

I love this so so much...our men are good to us aren't they? :)

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