January 4, 2012

My Summer Girl

Conversation that happened multiple times last week...

Kiera:  "Mama I want to go lay outside so I can get sun tan"

Me:  "Uh, it's still winter and you don't need to get a tan."

Kiera:  "Is it going to be summer tomorrow?"

Me:  "No, summer isn't for another 6 months, a long long time away.  It's still winter."

Kiera: "Next week it will be summer and then we can go to Big Splash?!" 

Me: "No not next week!"

Kiera:  "Well when is it going to be summer?"

Me:  "I will show you on a calendar just how far off summer is."


The second thing she says to me in the morning after she tells me good morning is "Is it summer today?"  Goodness child!  She sounds like me in my persistence sometimes.  I finally told her one afternoon that if she could get herself completely undressed and put her swimsuit on all by herself she could go get a tan in the back yard.  
I have never seen her get undressed so quickly by herself in my entire life.  She laid there for about 5 minutes and was done with it, then proceeded to play in the backyard for an hour.  She still didn't take off her swimsuit for another 2 hours after that.

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