January 3, 2012

Christmas Festivites

Christmas Eve we went to my parent's house to eat lunch and do presents with them. Then we went to my in-laws and opened a few presents with them because some family was there that wouldn't be there on Christmas day.  When we eventually got home all 3 of us played Operation that Kiera got from her Nanny and Papa.  Then Kiera and I decorated cookies for Santa, and after she went to bed Jimmy and I went to town making 2 lasagnas for Christmas lunch the next day and I finished up a lemon cake for dessert.  We didn't finish until preparing everything 11:00pm.  All while my nose was completely clogged and Jimmy was getting over a virus.  Good times.

She actually screamed when she saw she got the Barbie set she wanted.
Family game of Operation.  

Picking out cookies for Santa.  We will be making chocolate chips and/or peanut butter next year.  After icing and decorating hundreds of thousands (no I am not exaggerating) of similar but 50 times more detailed cookies over a span of 5 years at the bakery I really hate making them at home.

 It was a busy busy weekend.  I didn't get many pictures because I just wasn't feeling good.  Still I got a few which is better than nothing.  And I just realized we didn't have a single family picture taken of us for Christmas and I stayed out from in front of the camera.  Oh well.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 1o day stay-cation at home with my baby girl and hubs.  Today it's back to the daily grind.   


Holly said...

I would have screamed if I had gotten those Barbies too. Looks like you all had a great time. Hope you feel better!

Ashleigh said...

Dang it.. not only did we miss out on the lemon cake, which you know is my fave. I also missed out on those wonderful cookies you make.

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