December 21, 2011

34 Years

34 years ago today James Paul Jensen Jr. was born.  One of the most important days in history in my opinion.  I can't imagine what kind of life I would, or wouldn't have if he would have never been born.  But it was meant to be, we know that for sure.   

 Lets take a stroll down Memory Lane and take a look at Jimmy through out the years.

1 1/2 weeks old with his Mama.  Jimmy and Kiera could have been twins as newborns and I absolutely loved it.
Happy 1st Birthday!!  He had curly auburn hair (so did Kiera but hers was brown) which it still goes curly if he grows it out.

What a sweet looking 5 year old!  At this age Jimmy told his kindergarten teacher his favorite color was black to see what kind of reaction he could get.  It was a good one alright.  He also like to relieve himself at baseball practice through the fence onto people's cars. 

I promise his behavior was not due to poor parenting but a highly intelligent little boy who like to play mind games.  Look at that innocent little smile while the wheels are turning in his head.

Hello pre-teen years!  Clearly not amused or cooperative.

Bad a$$ 16 year old here.  Shaved head with long hair on top so he could wear it in a pony tail.  Just look at that smirk.  I would have been attracted to you Jimmy...even as a teenager.

17 year old Jimmy getting ready to fly off to Italy.  I don't really have a comment about you here except I that you still need to grow your hair out long for me.  I don't care that you think it is's hot.  I know I won't win that one but I can try!

Let's skip ahead to 26 year old Jimmy from 21 since your looks didn't change much but your personality did.  I can see it in your eyes and your smile.

First Christmas in our new home!!  We had no idea that a month after this picture was taken that we would find out we were having our first child.

 And look where he is now, from that tiny adorable little baby to now with a wife and daughter who love him more that we could ever really express.

HaPpY  34th BiRtHdAy JiMmY/Dada!!!!!

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