December 20, 2011

The Nutcracker

My friend Mandy and I took our girls to see The Nutcracker at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center over the weekend.  It was everyone's first ballet, though Jimmy and I have already seen many other types of performances at the PAC. 

  When attending either the ballet, opera, or musical people dress anywhere from casual to formal.  We decided to dress the girls in their Christmas attire.  After we were seated Kiera kept telling me that she was soo thirsty so I went out into the lobby where the concession stand was and bought a tiny and expensive Mtn. Dew and peanut butter crackers for us to share.  I'll do pretty much anything for that little girl.  Oh and no pictures were allowed during the performance so we only got them in between.



Kiera said she liked it though she was a little bored which I can definitely tell you she was.     However they did not stick super close to the original story.  I wasn't too familiar with the story of the nutcracker but I knew while watching it something was off.  Apparently the person who did this version (I don't know what to call him...director?  producer?) decided instead of doing a Christmas theme in Germany he went with a ballet theme on the streets of Paris.  I was expecting bright colors and those tutu's that stick straight out.  Alot of 40's wear and white flowy cut up dresses.  I still enjoyed the company I was with and the ballet and  I was quite impressed with the dancers and their elegance and strength.

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