December 19, 2011

PF Chang's Birthday Lunch

Jimmy's birthday is coming up on Wednesday and his dad's was on the 13th.  Every year we go out  to dinner in the middle of it somewhere to celebrate. 
 Have you been there?  I have now only been the one time .  Jimmy's first time to experience this wonderful food was while he was in California a couple weeks ago.  We have always heard how good the food is but never ventured to the restaurant since it is near down town Tulsa, 20+ minutes away from our house.  

Unfortunately Jimmy's dad wasn't feeling well so he stayed home but his mom came along with his aunt, cousin and her daughter and my brother.

We had the Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Mongolian beef, Chang's Spicy Chicken, Singapore Street Noodles, the best Egg Drop Soup ever.  Ohmygoodness was it awesoooome!  No pictures for you.  I was too busy eating.

After we ordered our food Kiera kept asking for dumplings. She was continually telling us she wanted some and was pretty bummed out we didn't order any.  She even tried to flag down the waiter to tell him she wanted them!  We decided to order some even though we had no idea where she even heard of dumplings.  We got pork and she absolutely loved it.  Later on the way home we asked how she knew about dumplings and she told us the panda bear.  We though she meant Panda Express, though we have never ordered them there, she tells us "the panda on TV".  Ooooh...Kung Fu Panda. 

My brother snapped these awesome pictures of her.  She would not use the fork and only used the chopsticks.

Um, I kinda got completely off track from the "birthday" meal there but how can you stick with boring adults when you have a character like that to talk about and take pictures of?

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