December 14, 2011

K dub quote of the day

While I was grabbing milk at the store one day Kiera asked "Mama aren't  you going to get some Christmas milk?"  I asked her which one that was and she says "The one with the snowman."  Looks like I will have to get some egg nog so she can try it.
In response to Jimmy or I telling Kiera something she doesn't want to hear "SANTA IS NOT BRINGING YOU ANY PRESENTS!"
"Mama I want to visit Santa at the North Pole."
She recently "lost" her backpack at school and when I was questioning where she last remembered having it she tells me "I had it when I was sitting outside and one of the bushes came over and took it away and then it ate it!"

At Chuck E Cheese "Mama I made a friend and she has little polka dots (freckles) on her cheeks"

After attending a birthday party with pony rides and having a discussion about them using the bathroom on the ground she tells me "I don't want them to pee on the ground, I want them to pee on a tree".  

"Did you know that throw up can be different colors?"  She has been sick a lot lately and has noticed her throw up is different depending on what she eats or drinks.

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