December 22, 2011

First Sing-a-long

This week Kiera had her first Sing-a-long at school.  Jimmy and I both went into work late so we could attend and Jimmy's mom was there also.  We thought that the kids were going to put on a little performance for the parents but that is soooo not what happened.  The students AND parents sat on the floor in the cafeteria and there was a huge screen with the lyrics to the songs that we would be singing along with.  Yes the sing-a-long meant that students and parents/grandparents were singing together.  

Kiera was being pretty clingy the whole time and wanted to sit in my lap.  My feet were asleep the entire time.  She was able to leave right after it was over and was pretty bummed Jimmy and I had to go to work and that she couldn't go with us.  Next week my sweet, you will have me for 10 whole days and Dada for 7.

I sucked up my shyness and I sang along and got Kiera to do the motions with me that the music teacher was showing us how to do.   I just had to concentrate on her and block out everyone else in the room.


I forgot how much fun school is and the school spirit.  Kinda makes me think it would be fun to be surrounded by that every day!  It also makes me realize how long I have been out of school and how old I am.  At least I have a little one now to enjoy it with all over again!

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