August 12, 2011

training wheels

The other night we took Kiera's bike over to Jimmy's parents house so she could practice riding on their looooooong driveway.  I think its funny how she is such an adventurous person who likes to jump off of diving platforms, yet she is a little afraid of the bicycle. 

She keept looking at her feet while she was pedaling and came close to steering off into the grass.  At one point I was walking beside her and she turned to look at something but  turned her handlebars at the same time and fell into me.  It was a close one.  She still needs to work on the whole coordination thing, which will come with time and practice. 
Its funny seeing her in a helmet because of course we (my brother and I and most likely Jimmy) never wore one.  She is the one that wanted a helmet.  I don't know where she got the idea that she needed it but its all good.  Of course I want her precious little head protected.  Hitting your head on the pavement hurts. 

Just are riding down the street on your bike, you decide for some odd reason to start shaking your head vigirously back and forth.  All of a sudden you are dizzy and losing control when you crash into a car that is parked in the street.  You are thrown off of your bike and hit your head on the pavement.  Laying in the street with your bicycle on top of you, you start screaming "DADDY!!!!"  The next door neighbor (also a daddy) runs outside and scoops you into his arms right when your dad comes running out of the house to get you.  You find out a week later that you also busted out the car's tail light.  You confess that you hit it in your biking accident and you pay $50 out of your savings to replace it.  

Not that I actually did that.  No.  Not me.

 Berkley is very supportive little brother.

She was concentrating very hard on looking straight ahead and not at her feet.  I think that's funny that Jimmy has a beer in one hand and child in the other.   

Look where that drinking will lead you. 

I'm just kidding.  Seriously someone with his stupid high metabolism and half a beer is not something I worry about.  Kiera asked him to show her how to do ride the bike.  I even got on the bike for her one day but there aren't any pictures of that since I am the picture taker.  At least I told you my embarrasing 10 year girl old biking accident.  Oh wait, that wasn't me.  It was someone else.  Yeaaaah.


P.S Jimmy please don't be mad for the picture of you on the bike.  I know you asked last night when I was editing it if I put it on here and I told you no because I hadn't....yet.  It just shows what a great Dada you are doing silly things for your daughter.  She loves you for it. 

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