August 18, 2011

meet the teacher

On Tuesday Jimmy, his mom, Kiera and I all went to meet Kiera's Pre K teacher and drop off supplies.  Kiera was so excited to go see the school and wanted to play with the toys. 

Her room is in what they call the Bumble Bee pod  (across the hall they have the Lady Bug pod), which has one large center room with 4 classrooms off of the main room. 

Her teacher had the cutest little sign outside her room.

And of course she went straight for the toys when we got in the room.  

When it was our turn to meet her teacher she immediately recognized Kiera from the library's summer reading program.  I don't know if that is a good or bad thing but at least she got to see how she acts, which means she likes to be the center of attention in most cases.  (Her teacher is the one wearing the blue dress) 

When it came time to leave she was not happy at all.  I was able to talk her down from it.   And it made her happy Dada took her to look around their library while I went back to work.

But today was her first day of REAL school!  She woke me up bright and early to remind me.  More on that tomorrow!


Holly said...

Thank God she was crying because she didn't want to leave. Broke my heart when my son clung to me and screamed when he had to go to school. Hope she has a great year!

amanda torres said...

Sounds like she's doing great. Sure makes it easier on you!

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