August 19, 2011

1st day of pre k

Yesterday was Kiera's first day of school...EVER!  Luckily she was put in the a.m. class so she will be able to continue taking a nap in the afternoon and I will get to take her to school  I am sooooo happy about that.  I can see that my precious little girl is safely in the school.  

She promptly woke me up before 7am (I think) and said "Mama I am ready to go to school today!"  I got up she proceeded to talk my ear off.  I can't even tell you what it was about because she was talking about so much stuff and her stories were running together.  She wanted cinnamon rolls for breakfast but we didn't have any (we did have cinnamon rolls this morning) so she had to settle for toast with jelly.  Love that she had it all over her cheek.

Of course we had to model the backpack and outfit for the day.  It was fun seeing our neighbors and some of my friends and family doing the same thing.  And I would like to mention I am so glad she wanted this backpack instead of one with all the Disney princesses plastered all over it.  The plush kitty cat head is what sold her on this one.

Gah she is such a beautiful little thing.  We make pretty babies.

Of course we can't take nice pictures without there being a goofy one in there too.

Zoned out for a minute there.

On our way to school he asked to play on my phone, which was nice because this is how she was the entire way to school.  Quiet.

We had started out with Berkley in the car for the big day.  He was whining the entire time for some odd reason.  Annooooying.  Luckily we forgot something at home and had to go back.  I put him back in the house and after I shut the door he started cussing at me.  It was your own fault Berkley!

Here we are waiting in line to drop her off.  It wasn't too bad yesterday but today I got there when they first start to get them out of the cars and I was waaaaay down the line.  Guess I will have to get their even earlier in order for me to get to work at a decent time.

It is almost her turn to get out of the car.  She was mid sentence therefore she has an open mouth.  

At this school the teachers (or maybe helpers) open the door and help the kids get out.  They either point them in the direction of the door they need to go to or walk them up there, like my child.  She was too busy chatting with the teacher/helper to just go by herself. 

Waving bye

And off our baby girl goes....

*Sniffle*  Not really.  I didn't cry!!!  I got a little teary eyed when she kissed us bye but I sucked it up.  I would have lost it if she would have been crying.  We knew she wouldn't get upset because she is completely comfortable in new situations, even with people she doesn't know.

2.5 hours later we go back to pick her up.  

We thought it was really cute how all these little 4 year olds were guided outside and sat along a wall waiting for their names to be called.  Its hard to see but Kiera is sitting directly below those two parallel vertical poles in the middle of the picture.

Kiera's name was called and now the teacher/helper has her in hand ready to load her into the car.

When she got in the car she was a little annoyed with us asking her all sorts of questions about what she did and if she had fun so we had to wait until she was ready to tell us what they did.  Apparently they got some Cheerios as a snack (which must have been special since they don't do snacks), she played doctor, did not get to play on the playground, they sang "If your happy and you know it" song and they colored a picture.

I can tell you that she did not care about trying to color the picture, that is why she just scribbled all over the paper.  There was just too much going on for her to sit and concentrate which really isn't her personality at all.

We stopped by the senior center to see Jimmy's parents and they just so happened to be serving some lunch.  Kiera crawled right up in Papa's lap and started to eat.  We had to tell her to stop because we were on our way to eat lunch.

After we ate lunch at Arby's we took her to get ice cream since that is what my mom did with my brother and I.  Every year on the first day of school she took us straight to Braums to get whatever kind of ice cream we wanted.  I totally forgot to take a picture of that.  She had orange sherbet in a junior waffle cone.

After that we went home and she took a 2 hour nap while I ran by an antique store and then came home to do a ghetto craft while Jimmy played a computer game. 

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Holly said...

What a big day for a big girl. Proud of her. And proud of you for not crying.

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