August 24, 2011

ghetto skinny window curtains

On each side of our front door we have these two skinny windows.  I like the windows but I don't like people being able to look into our house.  It annoys the heck out of me when people will put their face up to the glass and look inside.  It even annoyed me when I was a kid and my friends would do that to other people.  I would always stand smack dab in the middle of the door and NOT look in the windows because I felt it was (and still is) rude to look inside their home.  I am not one that answers the door either especially if I am home alone or if it is just Kiera and I.  Too many times I have been in our bedroom (which is in the back of the house) and had to sneak across the house to peek out of the front bedroom windows to see if it is someone I know, which it usually isn't.  I need to be able to dash around the house without anyone seeing that I am home.  And while we are at this lets play a little game of "how many times does and animal appear in a picture".

So the other day I went into the Dollar General by our house to check out some cheap lamps and then decided to see what they had in sheer window curtains when I came across Gail.  I wanted sheer so I could still see outside and wanted light to filter in.  She was only 5 bucks and just what I had in mind so I took her home with me. 

I didn't really want to go out and by a miniature rod (which I really haven't seen 8 inch tension rods anywhere) and thought about buying some Styrofoam to cut to the proper width but then remembered my little pile of toilet tissue rolls sitting in my bathroom.  We recycle (and apparently I reuse) these but I have been lazy and haven't taken them to my bin in a while. 

I grabbed 4 of them because one wasn't going to be wide enough for one window. 

Then I painted them white and let them dry while I was preparing my window panel.

First I ironed out all the lines from it being folded in the package.  And then I folded it in half longways and ironed a crease down the middle.

I laid the panel flat on the floor so I could cut where I ironed the crease.  No worries I ran Berk dog off before I started cutting.  He just can't resist walking all over stuff. 

After I had it cut in two I wedged one toilet tissue roll inside of the other one and then put those into the bottom of the window panel because the top would only fit a tension or actual curtain rod.

Then I just wedged the rolls up in the top of the window and adjusted them until they fit snugly.

I know you cant really tell from before but as you can see they aren't horribly noticeable and I can still see outside when I walk by.  Oh look all 3 of them decided to make an appearance. 

Looking inside the window before the curtain...

And looking inside after the curtain...

Muuuuuuch better.  You can see the light from the windows along the back of the house but you really can't see anything else.  Here is the view from the end of the porch.

I am super duper pleased with the cost of it too... $2.50 for each window! 


Holly said...

I think they look awesome and I love that you used toilet paper rolls. You go girl! Um, your pets kinda like licking their privates in front of the camera huh? Too funny!

Hespyhesp said...

That worked out great! Are you renting? I was thinking that if you weren't or if you got permission, you could always try to frost it with a film? Either way, totally thrifty and cute way of fixing that problem!

Ashleigh said...

If you ever run out of toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls.. I have I will share!!

Marysha said...

Oh my! Im so glad I've found your post. I have been going crazy trying to find a way to hang a curtain on my skinny window. Thank you!

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