August 29, 2011

1st week o pre k wrap up

So last week was Kiera's 1st full week of Pre K.

I am sure she has had a blast so far but she isn't letting us know that.

Whenever we ask what she did she promptly answers with "I don't know".   

We either have to pull the folder out of her backpack to see if there is something she did that day or she will tell us 3 hours later what they did, only if we don't ask her first.

But from what she has said about it so far she does enjoy school and I am sure she will like it even better once she actually makes some friends.
I on the other has has absolutely loved the change in my schedule.  

Since I get to take her to school every morning I no longer feel rushed.  I am able to get ready for work, make breakfast for Kiera (and sometimes Jimmy when he wants something), get her ready and even pick up the house or do some other random house duty that that needs only a short amount of time to finish.  Not to mention that my days at work are an hour shorter (I eat at my desk but don't technically take a lunch, which I am perfectly happy to trade in order to see my baby off to school).  So yeah, things are good in that department (and I loooove my new position).
The other morning while we were waiting in line to drop her off I turned around to glance at her and this is how she was sitting.

Gah.  She is gorgeous.  I flashed forward about 10 years when I saw
her.  I think we will have a few problems on our hands when she is a young teen .  And when I say problems I mean boys. 

The next day I wanted to get a picture of her walking all by herself looking all big and grown up but then by time I took the picture she had stopped to chat with one of the teacher/helpers.
Should have known she couldn't walk into the building without stopping to talk to someone.  That is one of the many things I love about her.  She has the ability to strike up an conversation (or keep one going) with anyone.  I am too shy and awkward to do what she does.   


Holly said...

Hold on to these moments. My daughter was that age yesterday, now she's 23. Weird how that happens.

amanda torres said...

I love the story of the last picture. It just cracks me up.

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