July 15, 2011


OK so everyone, well maybe some, know that I don't like changes.  I mean no one really does like change but it is and inevitable part of life.  Things change whether you like them to or not.  Sometimes they are for the better and sometimes for the worse.  There are going to be some big changes going on in the next month in our lives.  They aren't like huge things but still.

I got a new job.  Same company.  New position.  I will now be the Training Coordinator which means I will be in charge of making sure new hires are scheduled and enrolled for training to work with our service recipients (people who have developmental disabilities) and any long time employees are current with the state's training required training.  Things like CPR/First Aid, Medication Administration Technician (MAT) and other classes the state (DHS) calls residentials.  I already know part of the job so it shouldn't be that big of a transition.  Plus the position is non disposable.  My current one is.  I don't want to sit around wondering when my time will be up ya know.  I like stability.   

Then Kiera starts pre K August 18th.  Really? Is it already time for her to start SCHOOL??  She will need a new backpack, supplies, some new clothes (which the weekend before her birthday is tax free shopping that I have never participated in before but will this year) and who knows what else.  When we were enrolling her I heard an administrator say they tried to put the younger 4 year olds in the morning class and older kids in the afternoon class.  We don't know which class she will be in yet, which if the school knows what is good for them they will put her in a morning class.  The girl still needs to take an afternoon nap which can end up being 3 hours long!  But I will be taking her to school every morning (as long as she is in the am class) and my in-laws will pick her up.  The only thing I am slightly nervous about is her medical needs with food allergies and asthma.  I am pretty sure that the schools these days are well trained on what to do in case of an allergic reaction since there are so many kids with them.  I still don't know how mine ended up being one of "them".  You better believe I will be questioning the heck out of the teacher to make sure she knows what to do!

So big changes all around.  BRING IT ON!!!


amanda torres said...

On the food allergies and asthma I would not only talk with the teacher to make sure she is informed, but I would also personally meet with the nurse and his/her aide to be sure they are aware of K's specific needs. Be her best advocate!

On a different note, I totally understand the need for the am class. Mason also takes a long nap.

Holly said...

Oh Honey, it's only the begining, you will worry about that sweet little precious thing all her life. It's so gosh darn hard to turn them over into someone else's care. Ch-Ch- Ch-Changin!

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