July 18, 2011

girls only kayak trip

So Michelle my hairstylist posted an event on Facebook a month or so ago claiming it was time for the annual all girls kayak trip.  I knew that they had taken them before (2 other times) so I clicked "like" on it since I am river/float lover.  She replied that I better come since I am a river rat.  I decided I would.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with floating the river you are loaded onto a bus and driven to your starting point.  Ours was 12 miles up the river.  Yes we floated down 12 miles of river.  There were 11 of us.  The bus was bumpy and I was holding the camera with my left hand hence the blurriness.

When we arrived at our starting point the guy already had all of our kayaks lined up with a life jacket and paddle sitting on it.  How nice.

 Here was my vessel with my Dos Equis stationed in the convenient cup holder.  It looks kinda small but it was about oh 10 feet long.  I think.

Here is the group of us ladies. 

And now we are going to get in the water.  It was HOOOOOOT outside.

I hung towards the back most of the time.  Everyone else kept paddling but there was plenty of current to carry the kayak along.  I was saving my energy for the last 4 miles where I knew there would NOT be any current and I would need to paddle to get anywhere.  I also wanted to see if anyone crashed so I could laugh at them.  I was a rock star on dodging all the obstacles (trees) in the water.  I think that 4 of them had either never floated the river or they had never been in a kayak.  Unfortunately for me no one crashed.

There were some dorky guys that were trying to show off for either us or their wives who were wearing bikinis and really shouldn't have been.  One of the chicks kept yelling "Gavin do not go up there.  You need to get in the boat.  Listen to your wife."  OK lady, trust us, no one is drooling over your husband mkay?  He was climbing up a tree trunk that was about 7 feet above the water line and just scooted himself off of it.   Woo.  Chicken.  He was nothing like the jumper a couple weeks ago.  Then for some odd reason his wife decides she needs to show she can fall off the tree trunk too only she is straddling it and scooting up it that way.  Ouch.  Trust me, you are GLAD I don't have any pictures of that. 

However I am enjoying myself quite a bit!!!

And then I didn't get my camera out anymore because I was busy paddling and getting pretty pooped.  But there weren't a whole bunch of crazy shenanigans going on just some swimming and kayaking and burning.  Did I mention it was hot?  Jimmy said it was like 103 so that means it felt like 110.  AND I didn't get burnt either!  Even though I spent 3 hours at Big Splash with Kiera the day before.  Thank you Dollar General brand SPF 50 sunscreen.

After we left the river we stopped at this little diner called uh...I forgot what it's called.  It starts with an "S".  Shorty's?  I don't know.  I ordered the Grilled ham and cheese sandwich.    As you can tell it was an afterthought to take a picture since I had already taken a bite. 
It was juicy and delicious and so messy.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my girls only trip.  Now I just need a few days to recuperate.


amanda torres said...

Such fun times! Was the river cool at least?

Ashleigh said...

I wanna go next time. It would be good for us to hang out with the rest of the family.

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