July 19, 2011

petting worms

When I dropped Kiera off at the in-laws the other morning I spotted this earthworm and thought she would like to see it. 

 Sometimes you just have to take time to stop and pet the worms.

"Can I pet it's tail?"
 "Sure you can.  Oh sweetie that's it's head."

Then I picked it up and put it in the grass so it wouldn't fry on the driveway.  She tried to pick it up but started wiggling and she kept dropping it.  At least she didn't squish it between her fingers.   Then she starts asking about what they eat and where it lives so it turned into a little class performed by moi.    Since you know it was my best subject in high school and all.

I am trying to not be in such a hurry with her and not to always say "Come one we're in a hurry".  After all I was late to work after the worm petting.

Maybe I should get up earlier.  Nah.


amanda torres said...

Psh! I used to say the same thing. No matter how early I got up, we were still pushing it. I'd always find some excuse to cuddle longer or take little learning stops like you did. I don't regret it one bit. Sure I walked in when my students did on some days, but I was still a darn good teacher. I just had to do a little more work (a lot more work) at home to make up for it.

Holly said...

Bless her heart. Glad you two stopped for some worm petting.

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